9 tips to stay hydrated in winter

tips to stay hydrated in winter

Winter is far from over and dry weather still persists in many Brazilian cities. The relative humidity, in some places, has worsened the air quality, which accumulates more and more pollutants, and has even caused fires. In these dry times, it is extremely important to constantly hydrate and take measures to avoid opportunistic diseases. See some tips:

1.  Drink fluids constantly. Ideally, you should drink around 2-3 liters of water a day. Give preference to natural fruit juices to soft drinks and other sugary drinks. ATTENTION : do not drink it all at once. The organism has a water absorption limit. Prefer to take small sips constantly than drink a lot of liquid at once.

2.  Humidify the environments in which you circulate. For this, use wet towels or basins/buckets filled with water. The use of air humidifiers and specific devices also helps a lot. Remember: keeping the airways always hydrated prevents respiratory diseases such as  rhinitis ,  sinusitis , pharyngitis and  flu .

3.  Protect the most sensitive body regions from dehydration. Lips, nose and eyes are particularly susceptible to water loss. For lips, use lipsticks or lip balms (like cocoa butter). For the nose, moisturize them constantly with saline solution. For the eyes, in addition to saline solution, there are eye drops and artificial tears that help maintain lubrication and prevent diseases such as  conjunctivitis .

4.  Moisturize the skin. The skin is exposed to the sun and wind and is one of the organs that most dries out in dry weather. Give preference to urea-based products, which are highly moisturizing. Glycerin-based products are also recommended.

5.  Ingest hydrating foods. Include fruits, vegetables and greens in your daily life that help maintain the body’s water balance. Give preference to foods like watermelon, red fruits, peaches, pineapple, zucchini, cucumber, tomato and carrot. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that help maintain body hydration.

6.  Avoid abrasive skin procedures. During the drier seasons of the year, avoid  peeling  or procedures that cause skin abrasion and irritation. They accelerate dehydration. If you have already performed, care is redoubled.

7.  Avoid taking very hot and time consuming baths. They dry out the skin. At bath time, give preference to moisturizing soaps.

8.  For the face, give preference to oil-free moisturizers. Products called “oil-free” moisturize without leaving the skin looking oily. This prevents dryness without increasing the chances of  acne .

9.  Avoid staying in air-conditioned environments. The atmosphere formed by the air conditioning is very dry, so that it mainly dries out the upper airways (nose, mouth, throat, etc.). This creates an environment conducive to infections such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, etc.

Always remember: keeping the body hydrated prevents several diseases. Do not wait for thirst to arrive to drink and always give preference to water or natural fruit juices.

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