Stinging nettles (Erica cinerea)


Medicinal plant with diuretic effect, used in case of cystitis or urinary infections, can be found in the form of capsules.


Portuguese name: urze, Erica cinerea
Binomial name: Erica cinerea (In this article you will also discover information about the species  Calluna vulgaris )
French name: bruyère
English name: bell heather
German name: Graue Heide
Italian name: erica




Flavonoids, arbutin, tannins, ericodine.

parts used

Flower (flor de erica cinerea) – flowering highlights.


Diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.


Cystitis , urinary infections, kidney stones, benign prostatic hypertrophy, sleep disorders (tea based on flowers, read more in Preparations below)

Secundary effects

Leia and bubble.


Leia and bubble.


We don’t know.


– Erica cinerea capsule

– In tea with the heather species Calluna vulgaris , indicated for sleep disorders

Where does it grow to cinerea heather?

Erica cinerea grows in Europe and North America. The heather species Calluna vulgaris has a height of between 30cm and 100cm.

When to harvest erica cinerea?

Erica cinerea blooms in late summer. The heather species Calluna vulgaris usually blooms in Europe from July to October.


– Erica cinerea is an interesting plant to treat cystitis, thanks to its strong diuretic effect that gives it interesting properties. This plant can be taken in the form of capsules several times a day (ask your pharmacist for dosage guidelines).

– There are more than 800 species of heather. Calluna vulgaris is also used in phytotherapy, homeopathy and Bach flower therapy.

A special issue of the French journal Science & Vie on medicinal plants, published in July 2020, estimated that the effect of erica cinerea (heather) in the treatment of urinary tract infections has not yet been demonstrated, due to the lack of published scientific studies , mainly from clinical trials (none published).

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