Medicinal plant with astringent main effect, indicated in cases of diarrhea, often presented as a tea.


Name: wild strawberry, wild strawberry, wild strawberry, fragaria
Latin name: Fragaria vesca L.
French name: fraisier , fraisier des bois, fraise des bois, fraisier sauvage
English name: wild strawberries
German name: Wald-Erdbeere
Italian name: Fragaria vesca
Spanish name: frutilla wild




Tannins, flavonoids, essential oil and vitamin C.

parts used



Antidiarrheal, astringent and diuretic (mildly).


For internal use (leaves or roots):
– Diarrhea , gastroenteritis ,  urinary calculi (kidney stone)

For external use (leaves or roots):
– Wounds, oral hygiene (mouthwash)

Secundary effects

Possible allergy to strawberries.


Strawberry allergy.


None known.


– Wild strawberry leaf tea (eg 1g per cup)

– Decoction of wild strawberry leaves and roots

– strawberry juice

– Red fruit smoothie (berries)

Where does the strawberry grow?

Strawberry grows in Europe and several other parts of the world (especially in the northern hemisphere). The strawberry grows up to 1,500 m altitude. The plant has a size between 5 and 15 cm, its stem is creeping.

When to harvest strawberries?

The harvesting of leaves and fruits (strawberries) takes place especially in spring and summer. The flowers appear in Europe from May to June and the fruits from May to July.

Interesting Observations

– It is especially known for its small strawberries (strawberries), it is actually a false fruit in botany. Strawberries are rich in vitamins and sugars, with a delicious taste.

– In phytotherapy, strawberry leaves are used in particular, or sometimes roots. The leaves can be used as a tea against diarrhea due to its astringent effect.

– In the Renaissance, the wild strawberry was used especially against kidney or urinary stones.

– Wild strawberry leaves can also be eaten added to salads or soups.

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