Medicinal plant of stomachic effect with effective action against stomach burns, can be found in the form of infusion (tea).


Portuguese name: aromatic calamus
Binomial name: Acorus calamus L.
French name: Acore vrai , calami
English name: acorus, calamus
German name: Kalmus , Deutscher Ingwer
Italian name: acoro vero , calamo


Araceae (aráceas)


Essential oil, bitter principles, tannins.

parts used

Rhizomes (the rhizome can reach a thickness of 3 cm)


Stimulant of gastric secretions, stomachic, carminative, appetizer, diuretic


Internal use:
– Acidity or burning stomach (heartburn), dyspepsia, bloating (flatulence) , gastritis, (insufficient menstruation), gout

External use:
– Rheumatism

Secundary effects

Be careful with the use of aromatic calamus essential oil. The latter is not recommended in herbal medicine because of health risks (cancer).


Pregnancy, breastfeeding.


we do not know


– Aromatic calamus tea (infusion)

– Aromatic calamus decoction (20g of rhizome for 1 liter of water, macerate for 6 hours after boiling, apply in compresses)

– Liqueur (as an aperitif)

– Tincture (to be applied externally in a bandage)

Where does sweet calamus grow?

Sweet calamus grows in Europe and America. This plant reaches a height of between 60 and 120 cm. Flowering in Europe generally occurs in June and July. It is a perennial plant, that is, it can live for several years.
The aromatic calamus originates from Asia.

When to harvest sweet calamus?  

The rhizomes (roots) of sweet calamus are harvested in spring and autumn.


– Asarone (cis-isso-asaron), an essential oil found in sweet calamus, can cause tumors as well as liver damage. Fortunately, sweet calamus rhizome preparations contain very little asarone (a tiny amount).

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