10 tips to take care of curly hair

Hair is called “the frame of the face” and constant care for it is essential. Curly, straight, wavy, blonde, red… there are countless types of hair and each one requires specific treatment. Curly hair, in particular, is difficult to care for, as it requires constant hydration and special attention. See below our tips for always defined and disciplined curls.

1. Moisturize the wires constantly. Curly hair tends to be thinner than straight hair and loses moisture more easily. When this happens, the wires become armed and rebellious. To avoid dryness, use specific products, such as leave-in creams and leave-in creams.

2. Avoid heavy chemical hair treatments. This includes dyes, lights, straightening, progressive brushes, etc. If you’re going to do any chemical procedure that dries out your hair, hydrate right away to protect the strands.

3. Comb the hair with wooden brushes. The wood takes static electricity out of the wires and prevents them from getting frizzy and unruly. In addition, it is recommended that the comb or brush have wide teeth.

4. Give preference to moisturizers with natural active ingredients. Fruit oils, almonds and products with D-panthenol ( pro-vitamin B5 ) are excellent for keeping hair hydrated for a long time. Also use conditioners for curly hair after shampooing.
5. Avoid combing your hair when it is dry. In addition to undoing curls, dry hair is more subject to breakage and damage. ATTENTION : when untangling the hair, start from the roots and work your way up to the ends.

6. Use curl activators to model the strands. For day-to-day use, there are several products available to model curls, such as milks and fluids. To give a better effect, apply the product with the hair still wet and knead the strands with a paper towel. ATTENTION : do not exaggerate the amount, so as not to weigh the threads down and leave them opaque.

7. Eat well. A rich diet based on lean meats, vegetables, fruits, greens, eggs and milk provides necessary nutrients and vitamins to the threads. Cereals and grains are a source of an important mineral: silicon . Juices from dark leafy greens such as kale provide chlorophyll, which increases oxygen supply to cells.

8. Wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water. Very hot water dries out the hair and damages the scalp. Another tip: wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Excessive use of shampoo causes the natural oiliness of the hair to decrease.
9. While showering, massage your scalp. This causes the sebum-producing cells to be stimulated and the strands to be more hydrated and protected against dryness throughout the day.

10. Choose your shampoo and conditioner well. Shampoos for fine hair are not indicated for curly hair, as they increase the volume and leave the hair looking armed. Also avoid using shampoos that make a lot of foam, as they leave the hair very light and frizzy.

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