10 tips to have a year’s eve with more health

The end of the year is a time to celebrate and celebrate, with lots of food and drink. The problem is that many people exaggerate the dose and start the bad year.Migraine, gastritis, diarrhea, malaise… there are many health problems that can arise from the festivities. See below our tips to avoid many diseases and start 2013 on the right foot.

1. Did you exaggerate alcohol? Hydrate well. Ethanol (alcohol present in alcoholic beverages) requires a lot of water to be metabolized and eliminated by the body. Hangover symptoms are usually due to dehydration of the body. Therefore, to avoid the hangover, drink plenty of liquid during and after the holidays.

2. Did you overdo it in fat? Eat citrus fruits. Ma

3. If you suffer from gastritis, avoid very seasoned foods. This includes sauces, salad dressings, pepper and some foods that hinder digestion, such as peppers, beans and fatty foods.

4. Avoid eating foods that have been in the fridge for a long time. End-of-year foods, because they are high in fat and sugar, are the preferred environment for the growth of many bacteria, including those that cause food poisoning, gastroenteritisand diarrhea. Try not to eat foods that have been out of the fridge for a long time or stored for more than 1 week.

5. If you have diarrhoea, take saline. Avoid using medicines that stop diarrhea, such as loperamide. Many cases are caused by intestinal infection it is important that the person eliminates the bacteria. Use saline to rehydrate the body and drink plenty of fluid.

6. If you drink, do not drive. As repeated as this message may seem, it is important to reinforce. During the holidays, the number of car accidents increases greatly, with much of it being caused by drunk drivers.

7. If youhave hypertension, beware of the amount of salt ingested. Many year-end foods are rich in salt and condiments, which raise blood pressure. During the end of the year, the number of patients who arrive at the emergency room with high blood pressure (and even infarction andstroke) increases, especially due to excessive consumption of food and drink. Therefore, handle the food and drink so as not to have serious health problems.

8. People withdiabetesshould have increased attention. Many year-end foods greatly increase the glycemic index, i.e. the amount of blood sugar. This can be particularly dangerous for diabetic patients. Control the amount of food ingested and the type of food. Prefer fruits to desserts and handle carbohydrates. Don’t forget to take your medication.

9. Watch the scale. It is possible to eat well during the holidays and not get fat. Learn how to make healthy choices during Christmas and New Year’s suppers, such as salads, fruits and lean meats. Try to maintain the same exercise routine during this time. For more information on how to keep your body in the station, seeour exclusive page with 12 tips.

10. Enjoy the season to rest and relax. Enjoy family, friends and all parties to eliminate stress and get your 2013 off to a good start. Avoid taking work home and don’t let the holidays become more of a concern. Keeping a quiet mind is an excellent tip for health next year.

The Create health team wishes you all an excellent Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May 2013 bring many joys, achievements and, most importantly, HEALTH. Always stay tuned on our website for more tips and information on health, wellness, nutrition and beauty.

ny of the foods at the end of the year are high in fat and can hinder digestion. Symptoms of heartburn, poor digestion and burning in the stomach are common after Christmas and New Year’s suppers. If you overdid the food, eat citrus fruits such as orange, pineapple, acerola and lemon. Acid helps to improve fat digestion and improves well-being.

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