toothpaste to whiten teeth


To make your own toothpaste and have whiter teeth.
Note : You should know that this toothpaste contains baking soda (as do many toothpaste manufacturers) and is sometimes criticized by some dentists as this type of toothpaste can alter the enamel. Use this toothpaste sparingly and/or talk to your dentist for their opinion.


– 20 grams of sodium bicarbonate .

– 20 grams of white superfine or green clay.

– 5 grams of sea salt.

– 4 drops of lemon essential oil or 2 drops of mint essential oil or 2 drops of tea tree essential oil .


– Mix dry clay, salt and baking soda.

– Add the drops of essential oils to the mixture.

– Put everything in a small bowl properly sealed and let it rest for 3 hours before using.


– Wet the brush and then dip it in the powder prepared above and brush your teeth normally.

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