Update course on the clinical management of dengue

This course is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Open University of SUS (UNA-SUS). The objective of the initiative is to make doctors and nurses of primary care and urgency and emergency learn or improve in the diagnosis and treatment of dengue. The expectation is that the training of professionals, through four clinical cases that commonly occur in everyday life, will enable an even greater reduction in severe cases and mortality from the disease.

Through the efforts of Brazilian authorities and civil society to control the disease, Brazil managed to reduce the number of  dengue cases by 28%  between 2010 and 2011. Records and deaths from the disease have also achieved significant drops over the years.

The sustained reduction in the number of serious cases and deaths is mainly due to the organization of the public health network throughout the country, the expansion in the flow of care and, above all, to early diagnosis. Also noteworthy as a contribution to this reduction, the effort of health professionals and the surveillance and control activities of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, carried out by health agents and the population, thus contributing to reducing the impact of dengue epidemics.

This year, the federal government transferred to a group of municipalities vulnerable to the occurrence of the disease, an additional resource of R$ 92.8 million for prevention and control actions.

The course is made up of modules, completely self-instructive, there are no tutors, and can be done directly over the internet. There are four clinical cases to be solved by the participants. Each case should take an average of 15 minutes to complete, which may be extended according to the need for research within the course content.

The remote platform is compatible with smartphones. Thus, the health professional will be able to access the content via Ipad or Iphone. Another option is to download the content and develop the course without internet access, by computer or cell phone.

Doctors and nurses can also share experiences through social networks such as Facebook and also participate in polls and discussion forums promoted on the course platform. Another available tool is an application for the Android system that can be downloaded onto cell phones to guide health professionals when performing the clinical classification of the disease.

We believe that this course will be an additional tool in qualifying our teams of physicians and nurses in primary and urgent and emergency care, as it will provide the necessary knowledge to manage, diagnose and treat dengue cases.

Welcome and good course!

Jarbas Barbosa

Secretary of Health Surveillance – Ministry of Health

*The content of the Course is the responsibility of the Health Surveillance Secretariat (SVS).

Who can enroll?

Prerequisites: Higher education health professional registered with the CNES, active or inactive, in the occupations below. The codes and denominations of the Brazilian Register of Occupations – CBO are used:

  • Social Worker (251605)
  • Biologists (2211XX)
  • Biomedical (2212XX)
  • Physical Education Professionals (2241XX)
  • Nurses (2235XX)
  • Pharmacists (2234XX)
  • Physiotherapists (2236XX)
  • Speech therapists (2238XX)
  • Clinical Doctors (2251XX)
  • Physicians in Surgical Specialties (2252XX)
  • Physicians in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medicine (2253XX)
  • Veterinarian (223305)
  • Nutritionists (2237XX)
  • Dental Surgeons (2232XX)
  • Psychologists and Psychoanalysts (2515XX)
  • Occupational Therapists (2239XX)

If you do not fit this profile, you will be able to access the course as a visitor and have access to its materials in full, even though this modality does not allow you to receive the declaration of completion online.

How to enroll?

Two steps are required to complete the registration:

1) Register in the National Register of Health Professionals

If you are not yet registered in the National Register of Health Professionals (CNPS), you must register, according to the instructions contained in the link below. If you have already registered before, proceed to step 2.

2) Enrollment in Course

The registration process will verify your occupation data on the Arouca Platform, according to the registration rules defined for the course.

All data must be filled in and correct, if you encounter any difficulties, please contact us using our Technical Support System .

How to get the statement of completion?

To receive the declaration of conclusion online it is necessary:

  • Being enrolled in the course;
  • Complete the activities proposed in the first four clinical cases;

· Conclude the four cases within a maximum period of 2 months after enrolling.

How to access the course?

If you do not fit the enrollment profile specified for that course, you may access the materials in full as a guest. Attention: this modality does not allow obtaining a statement of conclusion.

If you have already received confirmation of your enrollment, select “Plataforma Arouca” as your identity provider when prompted.

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