valerian tincture


Used in sleep disorders or anxiety in general.


– 100 grams of fresh or dried valerian roots.

– 500 mL of alcohol 70º (alcohol taken orally, ask at your local pharmacy).
– You can use brandy instead of 70° alcohol.

– Of course, you can also prepare a smaller amount of tincture, for example, 10 grams of valerian root in 50 ml of alcohol. You will find dark colored 50 mL bottles in pharmacies to protect from light.


– Let the valerian roots marinate in alcohol for 15 days.

– Filter the mixture and store it in a tightly closed bottle away from heat.


Valerian tincture dosage

– Drink about 30 to 40 drops of this tincture 30 minutes before bed, preferably diluted in a glass of water.


– Be careful as this mixture contains alcohol and this medicine is contraindicated in people who cannot drink alcohol, for example for medical reasons, such as pregnant women and children. In the latter case, we prefer herbal infusion, such as valerian tea or a calming infusion. See all medicinal plants against sleep disorders.

– Valerian tincture is already prepared for sale in most pharmacies (by the pharmacist or purchased by the pharmacy for the pharmaceutical industry). We recommend that you prepare a valerian tincture if you have, for example, natural valerian in your garden, if you like to prepare home remedies or for economic reasons if you feel better when preparing this tincture. Otherwise, buying ready-made valerian tincture from a pharmacy usually guarantees better purity of the preparation. In most countries, such as Switzerland and Brazil, herbal products are subject to strict quality control by health authorities (concentration, appearance, odor, etc.).

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