Medicinal plant used for its calming effect against nervousness and gastrointestinal disorders related to stress, it can be found in the form of an infusion (tea).


Portuguese name: Verbena
Binomial name: Verbena officinalis
French name: Verveine officinale
English name: verbena officinalis
German name: Eisenkraut
Italian name: Verbena officinalis




Iridoid glycosides, tannins, essential oil, bitter principles.

parts used

Dry leaves, aerial parts.


Bitter, calming, diuretic, soothing the gastrointestinal system in case of stress, anti-inflammatory.


Nervousness, stress , gastrointestinal disorders related to nervousness, sleep disorders .

Secundary effects

Please ask an expert for advice.


Please ask an expert for advice.


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– Vervain infusion ( verbena tea )

Where does verbena grow?

Verbena officinalis grows natively in Europe, West Asia and North Africa. She would be originally from Southern Europe.

When to harvest verbena?

Vervain grows in Europe. It is advisable to cut the leaves of verbena officinalis before flowering.

Plant it yourself
This species is harvested at the beginning of flowering. The species is propagated by seed and by cuttings in late spring.


– Vervain is a common plant in Europe and North America. She is often associated with weeds.

– Dehydrated verbena leaves allow you to prepare an infusion that fights sleep disorders (mild) and minor gastrointestinal problems in a simple and inexpensive way.

– In France, verbena infusion is often used because of its calming effect.

– Vervain officinalis is used in both Western and Chinese medicine.

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