Vinca minor


Medicinal plant with astringent and wound healing action. Indicated mainly for external use against problems in the mouth (thrush) and bruises, often used as a decoction.


Portuguese name: Vinca minor, vinca-de-cat
Binomial name: Vinca minor L.
French name: petite pervenche , herbe à la capucine, violette des morts
English name: Lesser periwinkle, Dwarf periwinkle
German name: Kleines Immergrün
Italian name: periwinkle minor




Indole alkaloids (vicamine, vicine, vincarubin), tannins, mineral salts, phytosterol , vitamin C.

parts used

Dry leaves.


Astringent, diuretic, depurative, tonic, healing, possible carcinogenic effect, stimulant of cerebral circulation.


Internal use (currently little used and not recommended, see side effects and observations)
-Brain oxygenation problems, ecchymosis (bruises)

External use (for example: mouthwash, lotion or decoction)
– Canker sore , gingivitis, sore throat , bleeding, vaginal discharge, bruising.

Secundary effects

Risk of kidney and liver toxicity (internal use).


None known.


None known.


– Decoction (not recommended for internal use, used externally for mouthwashes, for example)

– Lotion

– Wine

Where does vinca minor grow?

Vinca minor grows in Europe (including in the mountains) and Asia.

When to harvest?

The leaves are harvested in spring or summer.


In the past, remedies based on vinca minor were indicated for the control of brain problems due to their concentration of vincamine. Currently, it appears that ginkgo is preferred for increasing brain oxygenation, ginkgo has fewer side effects and risks than vinca minor.

It is estimated that the internal use (eg tea) of vinca minor can be toxic to the liver and kidneys. Some sources claim that this plant may have carcinogenic effects. As a precautionary measure, it is preferable to use it for external use only. In the past, this plant was widely used in folk medicine, including internal use, for example against malaria.

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