Viola tricolor


A plant popularly known as pansy is a medicinal plant that acts as an anti-inflammatory and purifying, indicated, for example, in cases of eczema, and is generally presented in the form of a cream or infusion.


Portuguese name: viola tricolor, pansy
Binomial name: Viola tricolor L.
French name: pensée sauvage
English name: heartsease, wild pansy
German name: Stiefmütterchen
Italian name: viola del pensiero




Tannins, mucilages, flavonoids, vitamin E and salicylic derivatives.

parts used

Especially floral aerial parts (whole plant without root), root (but may cause vomiting, less used in herbal medicine than aerial parts).


Anti-inflammatory, purifying, diuretic and expectorant, febrifuge, antioxidant.


External use (eg ointment):
– Various skin disorders: acne , eczema , psoriasis , dry skin , impetigo . To remove milk crust in children.

Internal use (eg tea)
– Cough , cystitis (diuretic effect), rheumatic pains, fever , digestive disorders and liver disease.

Preparations – In what form? (galenic forms of viola tricolor)

– Viola tricolor creams or ointments

– Tea (against cough or sore throat)

– Capsules

– Viola tricolor tincture

– Syrup

– mother tincture

Where is this plant grown?

Viola tricolor grows in Europe, North Africa, Asia or North America. In Europe, it can be found in fields. In the Alps, the viola tricolor can be found up to 2500 m in altitude.

When is the harvest done?

Viola tricolor is harvested in summer, preferably during flowering (in Europe from March to September, in Switzerland specifically from May to August).
This is a perennial plant.

Plant it yourself
Used for many years in decoration, this species spreads naturally. Viola tricolor lives very well in pots, but also in gardens and wild fields.


– Viola tricolor is an interesting plant, for example, in case of cradle cap in children and in many skin diseases (see above under indications), thanks to its content of flavonoids, saponins and vitamin E .

– In your indication, for example, to treat cough, perhaps viola tricolor is not the plant of first choice, such as pine buds or thyme, but viola tricolor has an expectorant effect.

– The term tricolor , from the scientific name  Viola tricolor , is a reference to the 3 colors of its flowers, violet, yellow and white.

– Wild pansy flowers can also be used in salads.

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