Vitamin K

Vitamin K belongs to the vitamins known as fat-soluble, below you will find all the information about this vitamin.


Name in English : vitamin K
Scientific name: vitamin K (clotting vitamin)
It should be known that vitamin K exists naturally in two forms:
– K1 phytomenadione or phylloquinone, of vegetable origin.
– K2 or menaquinone, from the microbiota (intestinal flora). Vitamin K2 is mainly produced by microbiota bacteria in the colon. In vitamin K2 there are still subtypes such as vitamins MK-4 and MK-7. It is also possible to consume vitamin K2 in the form of a food supplement.


The recommended daily dose is:
– 70µg (men)
– 55µg (women)
In general, it is easy to obtain this amount through food.


– K1 phytomenadione or phylloquinone (a form of vitamin K). This molecule is found in green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach, broccoli), egg yolk.
– K2 or menaquinone mainly comes from an endogenous synthesis thanks to the bacteria found in the colon (read above as well)


– Plays a fundamental role in the formation of blood clotting, thanks to a complex mechanism.


– (Problem) of blood clotting


– Hypoprothrombinemia (blood clotting disorders) and osteoporosis.


– In general it is eliminated without problems, so there is no possibility of problems caused by excess of this vitamin, only rare cases of nuclear jaundice.


– Vitamin K belongs together with vitamins A, D and E, to the so-called liposoluble (fat-soluble) vitamins. Therefore, these vitamins are associated with greater toxicity due to their accumulation in body fat if ingested in excess, and also because there is no rapid elimination through the urine, as in the case of water-soluble vitamins (water-soluble, such as vitamin C) .

– In certain markets (eg Germany, Switzerland) there are vitamin K2 food supplements sold with this vitamin alone or in combination with other molecules or vitamins such as vitamin D. These food supplements are often indicated in osteoporosis, to strengthen bone health.

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