Watermelon Juice With Ginger


– Moisturizing juice (watermelon is rich in water), diuretic, helps fight fatigue (as a complementary measure). It is a very refreshing juice, ideal for late spring and summer.

– In cases of muscle cramps or sports cramps (read on Causes , to better understand the origins of the supposed effect of ginger juice).


For 200-300 mL of juice, use:
– Half a watermelon (or 1 quarter if the watermelon is large).
– The equivalent of 2 tablespoons of chopped or grated ginger .


– Remove the skin from the watermelon and cut the pulp (the edible part, with seeds) into small slices.
– Remove the ginger skin, cut or chop.
– Put some slices of watermelon and ginger in a blender, blend for a few seconds then add the rest of the watermelon.
– Possibly add other fruits (see comments below).
– Shake well for a few minutes, but not too long to avoid crushing the watermelon seeds.
– Strain the mixture. This step may take a few minutes (the watermelon and ginger seeds will remain in the filter).
– Drink immediately or leave a few hours in the fridge to freeze.


Consume the juice 1-2 times a day.


about 12 hours (if kept refrigerated). It is best to consume immediately.


– The taste of this juice is very pleasant and refreshing, but ginger can have a distinct taste. If you think this taste is too strong, you can reduce the amount of ginger (use only one tablespoon), or not add this root at all.
– Watermelon is composed of 92% water, being a natural moisturizer. Watermelon is also rich in antioxidants, and certain vitamins ( C , B, etc).
– In addition to ginger (or if you don’t like this plant) you can add other fruits, such as peaches (1-2) or figs (about 2 or 3 figs).
– To prevent muscle cramps, you can replace watermelon with water with lemon juice; the goal is to make the juice as spicy as possible.

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