white lily tincture


Against infections (to release pus): wounds, whitlow , boils and abscesses.

*Recipe provided by Anne from Switzerland. We thank her!


– White lily petals from a single flower (without pistils).

– Fruit brandy (apple, for example).


– Cut the lily petals into small pieces and leave them soaked in the brandy in a small hermetic jar.

– Leave the bottle in a medicine cabinet for 2-3 months.

Note: when the petals become transparent and the liquid is a bright brown color, the tincture is ready.


– Apply morning and night one or two petals that you remove from the bottle with tweezers, place on the infection with a gauze and cover with a bandage.

Interesting comment about this home remedy:
Anne, who sent us this recipe, explains: “Always have this preparation in your cupboard, especially if you have children. Prepare in advance as you need months for the best effectiveness to be achieved. Since it is macerated in alcohol, the remedy can be kept for a long time. I managed to extract the pus from my young son myself. I am 60 years old, I have always seen this preparation being done by my parents and I always prepare it for my children.”

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