White lily


White lily: Antiseptic and healing medicinal plant, used to treat various infections, often presented in the form of a tincture.


Name: White lily, Staff of Saint Joseph, Cup of milk,
Latin name: Lilium candidum
French name: Lis blanc ( lys blanc ), Lis de la Vierge or Lis de la Madone
English name: lilium, Madonna Lily
German name: Madonnen- Lilie
Italian name: giglio della Madonna , giglio candido
Spanish name: lirio




Flavonoids, essential oil (vanillin), mucilages, saponins.

parts used

Flowers (petals), bulb.


Antiseptic, healing.


– Infections (to release pus): wounds, whitlow, boils, abscesses.

– Burns (in the form of oily maceration).

Secundary effects

None known (in our opinion).


People allergic to white lily.


None known (in our opinion).


– Tincture of white lily

– oily maceration

Where does it grow?

White lily grows mainly in Europe (eg Mediterranean region), Asia and North Africa.

When to harvest the white lily?

Harvesting white lilies in summer.

Interesting Observations

White lily is a relatively unknown medicinal plant, but it has very interesting properties against infections.

If you have children, you can prepare a lily tincture. An easy remedy to make, but be prepared in advance, as the maceration time is 3 months.

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