10 winter foods

Winter is here and, with the season, comes many uncomfortable illnesses such as flu , colds and even pneumonia . Diet plays an important role in preventing common winter ailments, as well as nourishing and energizing the body throughout the season. Don’t fall into the trap of eating too many calories and gaining weight unnecessarily. See our tips for having a healthy diet in the coldest season of the year.    

1. Acerola.  Acerola   is rich in  vitamin C , as well as orange, cashew, lemon and many others. Vitamin C helps maintain mucous membranes and immune cells in the body. Also invest in green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and peppers.

2. Soups.  In addition to helping warm the body, they are light and can be made with various vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid creamy and cheesy soups, as they are high in fat and calories. Always add vegetables like potatoes, carrots and vegetables like spinach, watercress, broccoli and cauliflower. Use lean meats like turkey breast and chicken, which are high in protein and low in calories.

3. Teas.  Teas help warm up and are an excellent source of antioxidants, especially  green tea , black  tea and white tea. Antioxidants help maintain the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses.

4. Yogurt and probiotics.  These products have microorganisms that help reinforce the body’s defenses. In addition, they are rich in protein. Prefer versions made with skimmed milk, as they have less fat.

5. Cinnamon. Cinnamon  is a thermogenic, that is, it helps to heat the body, in addition to acting as a stimulant and reducing  high  cholesterol . It can be used in sweet dishes and decreases sugar cravings. In addition, this spice has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and expectorant action. Helps prevent  flu ,  colds  and  pneumonia .

6. Garlic. This vegetable has antibacterial and antiviral substances. Use  garlic  in stews, meats, roasts and even in salads.

7. Onion.  Like garlic,  onions  have antiviral agents that help prevent common winter illnesses like colds and flu. Use in savory dishes and soups.

8. Carrot. Carrots are rich in beta  –   carotene, an essential compound for the health of the airway mucosa. Invest in other foods that are also rich in beta-carotene, such as  pumpkin , apricots, orange foods, broccoli, liver and melon.

9. Whole Foods . Replace rice, bread, biscuits, etc. with wholegrain versions. Fibers help regulate the digestive system and strengthen the immune system. Invest in granola, oats, barley, wheat and other grains.

10. Mushrooms. According to research, they have beta-glucans that stimulate the immune system. In addition, mushrooms are known to fight various bacteria and even some viruses. Use them in soups and vegetable stews.

With these tips you will eat well in winter, keep fit and prevent diseases.

Did you like these tips or do you have any more to suggest? Leave your comment just below this page. Your opinion is very important!

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