Medicinal plant from Indonesia and the Philippines, used in phytotherapy (aromatherapy) mainly in the form of essential oil in cases of skin problems, for example. The oil is also used in perfumeries.


Portuguese name: Ylang-ylang, cananga, kananga from Japan
Binomial name: Cananga odorata
French name: ylang-ylang , ilang-ilang
English name: ylang-ylang, cananga tree
German name: ylang-ylang
Italian name: ylang-ylang
Name Spanish: ylang-ylang, cananga flower




Essential oil, linalool, germacrene.

parts used

Flowers (essential oil).


Regulator of the sebaceous glands, hypotensive, antiseptic, sedative and “aphrodisiac”.


– Skin issues: oily skin, dry skin .

– Hypertension

Secundary effects

Side effects of ylang-ylang: headaches, nausea, allergies. Please read the package insert for purchasing a ylang-ylang preparation.


Pregnancy and allergy. Please read the package insert for purchasing a ylang-ylang preparation.


Read the package insert to purchase a ylang-ylang preparation.


– Essential oil

Onde cresce ylang-ylang ?

The ylang-ylang tree is native to Indonesia and the Philippines, however, the plant grows in other tropical and sub-tropical countries (Asia, Pacific Islands, Latin America, etc).

When to harvest ylang-ylang?

Ylang-ylang flowers can be picked throughout the year, the flowers are usually present at all times of the year. In the northern and southern hemispheres (away from the tropics) it is preferable to harvest in hot and humid seasons.


– Ylang-ylang means “flower of flowers” ​​in Tagalog language (the language of the Philippines), but there are also other accepted translations of ylang-ylang with the original meaning of “rare”.

– In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are spread over the bed of newlyweds.

– The essential oil of ylang-ylang, in addition to being used in aromatherapy as can be seen in this article, is also used in perfumery. The famous Chanel No. 5 perfume contains ylang-ylang (source: wikipedia.org).

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