English name : zinc (often sold under the name zinc gluconate)
Scientific name: zinc (Zn)


The recommended daily dose is:
– 15 mg to 45 mg per day (in case of infections such as the flu. Read under “notes” for more information). Attention, in case of treatment with 45 mg of zinc per day, the maximum duration of this must be 4 days.


– Meat, oysters, cereals, mushrooms, wheat germ


– Regulation of genetic information (essential for the proper functioning of cells). Immunostimulant. Action on cell membranes. Action on about 200 enzymes. Antioxidant.


– Cold and various other infectious diseases; flu , sore throat , growth retardation, acne , psoriasis , conjunctivitis , depression (read in observations), premenstrual tension (Read comments).
Possible complementary treatment of esophageal cancer (read below in Notes).


– Growth retardation, lack of appetite, greater fragility in the face of infectious diseases (colds,…).


– Possible diarrhea and vomiting; anemia (in case of regular consumption of more than 30mg per day), weakening of the immune defenses.


– By taking 12.5 mg to 15 mg of zinc every 2-3 hours during the cold period, shortly after the appearance of the first symptoms, the duration of the cold was reduced by 3 days. symptoms, according to a clinical study. Zinc can be said to reduce the duration of cold symptoms by about half.

Zinc-based treatment, in the case of a cold (dose of 45 mg per day or more, some sources speak of a 75 mg zinc tablet), however, treatment should not exceed 4 days (for more than 4 days, excess zinc can cause the opposite effect, ie weaken the immune system).

According to a study published in early 2014, zinc also appears to be particularly effective in preventing the onset of colds in children .

In case of a cold, it is also strongly recommended to consume vitamin C. There are medicines available in pharmacies that combine zinc and vitamin C, a very useful remedy in reducing the duration of flu-like symptoms. Talk to a pharmacist to learn more about this medication.

In 2017, a study published in the scientific journal JRSM Open (DOI: 10.1177 / 2054270417694291) showed that taking zinc taken as a lozenge ( lozenge ) reduced the duration of a cold by up to 33%. This study was carried out by the University of Helsinki.

– A small Japanese study (2010) that analyzed 30 people on zinc supplementation (7mg per day for 10 weeks) observed that all of them had an improvement in mood. Zinc can also eventually be used against depression and anxiety.

– An American study published in February 2013 in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that zinc consumption reduced the risk of suffering from PMS  ( premenstrual tension ) by one third. This study involved 3,000 women and took place over 10 years. Zinc can be found in fruits and vegetables.

Women who consume more than 10 mg of zinc per day appear to have fewer PMS symptoms. However, the study focused on the influence of iron in preventing premenstrual tension. Find more information in the special section on iron .

This study also showed that one should not consume more than the recommended daily dose to avoid side effects. It is known that excess zinc can affect the concentration of copper in the body. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist when consuming dietary supplements.

According to the researchers, the daily dose of zinc (and other minerals effective for the treatment of PMS, such as magnesium , iron and calcium ) can be obtained through diet or through dietary supplements.

– A study published in 2017 and carried out by the University of Texas at Arlington, in the United States, showed that zinc can help to destroy some cancer cells in esophageal cancer. At the cellular level, scientists have discovered, using a medical imaging technique called fluorescence live cell imaging , that zinc blocks very active calcium channels exclusively in esophageal cancer cells. As a result, zinc prevents the proliferation of cancer cells. Although more research is needed, scientists recommend following a zinc-rich diet. This study was published on September 19, 2017 in The FASEB Journal (DOI: 10.1096/fj.201700227RRR).

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